Thankful for New Beginnings!


A New Day

Today I will  begin a new treatment plan.  The beginning of something new and unknown in my life.  I am privileged to have an amazing group of doctors.

Beginnings, like this sunrise on Lake Winnipesaukee, are glorious in their newness and potential.  The sunrise miraculously  makes its way to solid ground to express itself in the form of the visible where it summons inspiration and creation.  Sunrises, like people are all uniquely distinct.  There are no repeats! They spread their beauty intentionally like a warm blanket.  Initially they penetrate our sensibilities and stir actions that appears to be divinely directed.

My proverbial mountain top (like yours) offers a panoramic view of rapture.  But, my climbing activity causes me to miss the full experience.  Still photos will be distorted if the camera shakes from even the slightest movement.  I used a tripod to get this shot to insure an image undisturbed by motion.  I was once told by a wise man that a person cannot think and experience at the same time.  So, I am aware that there is a time for climbing and a time for observing.  There is a time when absolute stillness is needed to first receive the message of inspiration.  So, today, I will take a deep breath and remain quiet until I am moved to motion that is purposeful and inspired by the source of the sunrise rather than inspired by fear of lack and inadequacy.

Take time today to pause in the presence of something extraordinary.  And, know that each of us IS uniquely extraordinary!


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