Like the holy trio of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, illness appears to have the components of an unholy trio – namely, Chronic, Acute, and In-Remission.  And, in a politically correct society,  no illness could  be considered to be better than another.  Right?.  PIcking one type of illness over another would be like favoring one powerhouse entity over the other two in the Holy Trinity.

Now, this may not be politically correct; but, I’m thinking that I’d rather be rubbing elbows with the Father.  In my house, my brother (the son of my Father) was not as formidable or reliable as my Father.  So, politically correct or not, I’m sticking with logic and self-preservation.

So, where am I going with this?

Well, I’m going to be politically incorrect and admit that I would rather have an Acute Something/Anything rather than a Chronic Something/Anything.  Why, because 1) there is limited discomfort until the problem is resolved; and 2) the problem is resolved with a clear-cut intervention.  Take for example acute appendicitis!  You are rushed off to surgery, the diseased organ is removed and you spend a few weeks recovering.  The problem is removed never to return again.  At least I’ve never heard of an appendix re-growing.  I think that only applies to lizard tails, hair, nails, and in some cases the heads of dragons and pumpkins.

A myriad of diseases, however, fall into the chronic category; including mine.  Speaking of dragons, have you ever seen the movie ‘The Never Ending Story’? Or, have you heard of the Greek myth of Hydra, the serpent who grew two heads back for every one head lopped off by Hercules?

Well, I guess I am comparing chronic illness to a never-ending story of uncertainty with the power to resist one cure with two more ugly symptoms or side-effects.

And, what about remission?  Remission is used to describe a lapse in symptoms.  Remission appears to be a time of impotence for the diabolical persistence of the Hydra serpent.  Where is Hercules when you need him?

So, I guess what I am saying is that if I can’t have an acute disease, I am looking for remission.  So, yes, I am settling for my Brother, the son of my Father.  And, just as a backup, if any of you know where Hercules is hiding, please inform me.  I need to talk to him about a job.


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