Does Certainty really exist?  We wake each morning – the sun rises.  That’s certainly real!  Night falls and another day follows.  I go to the bathroom and the shower is waiting for me.  My toothbrush is right where I left it.  I am certain of that.  I head to the frig and I am certain that I will be out of Half & Half.  I am right.  I think the proof is stacking up in favor of certainty.  What a relief!

But, suddenly everything changes when I awake to find that my muscles no longer remember how to lift me out of bed?  I know with certainty that my toothbrush and shower are waiting for me exactly where I left them last night.  But, I can’t get to the bathroom.  Muscles have memory.  I know that.  So, I wait for them to remember.  With a little coaxing, they begrudgingly accommodate me.  But, not without their unquestionable assault on me with pain.

Not long ago, I knew with certainty that I would spend my day working, going to the gym, seeing friends and/or family.  One day after the other the certainty of this fact was confirmed.

This appearance of absolute certainty has allowed complacency and mediocrity to delude our lives out of gratefulness, curiosity, wonder and the innate desire to create and cherish. Instead, we unceremoniously depend upon another tomorrow to greet us with self-righteous banality. No wonder we suffer from a collective boredom! A startling irony is that we believe in certainty; but expect self-improvement to be there for us when we are ready. This insures the future delusion of a projected self that is thinner, fitter, healthier, richer, and more attractive. But, complacency kills the urge to create because there is always another tomorrow!

I have always believed that a successful life is made from a collective string of mostly good choices So, I am going to choose to challenge myself to meet each uncertain tomorrow with the opportunity to create something new.  Thus giving me an opportunity to put my unique blueprint onto each miraculous day!  I would like to challenge everyone reading this to firmly plant their unique signature onto each new day as they would a work of art.  Because the one certainty is that every single human begin IS a one-of-a-kind design.


3 thoughts on “THE MYTH OF CERTAINTY!

  1. Long ago I gave up on the idea of a certain future and a wholly remembered past. The moment, this very moment, is all I can. This existential moment is…and that is quite enough for one to deal with. I quite like this post.

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