Mine and Mediocrity

I had an experience today that has left me thinking about how our focus on ‘mine’ causes mediocrity.  My iPhone dictionary describes mediocrity as “ordinariness of being average and not outstanding”.

When we focus on what is ours, do we limit our ability to have more, to give more, to know more, or to be more?  The area of interest on what is ours appears to be narrow, non-expansive, and limiting.

I am thinking, what it would be like if the earth above us decided to separate into its individual components; or if the sea around us decided to separate into its separate parts?  What would it be like if our bodies decided to individuate?  Even a simple, single element like Iron has to rely upon charged atom(s) in order to differentiate into the unique structure of iron.  Can you imagine life without iron?  Think about this for a minute!  Without iron our red blood cells could not grab the oxygen they need for our lungs to breathe.  Our very life depends upon the unity of disparate parts.

In fact, what would it be like if our focus on ‘mine’ was so pervasive that we were unable to share in the most intimate archetypal unions like marriage, family, friendships, community, brotherhood?

Are we designed to be individualistic?  Or, has individualism given rise to mediocrity, isolation, and delusional self-importance?  I pose this question because I believe it is worth pondering.

I am thinking of the common motto, “Divided I fall.  United We Conquer”.


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