When the Lights go Out on the Night

The shades shut tight

On the cold, dark Night

Night hangs like a wet blanket

Heavy and smothering

And, the canopy of heavens light

Blinks to soften the view

Of shadows and dark truths

And, Monsters in wait.

Then, Shadows cease to be

As Heavens’ eyes shut tight

On the nightmares of the Night

The Sun hides behind the Sea

Meek, it calls to Poseidon for help!

And the wrath of Aegaus is unleashed

He wages a violent storm

To punish the Night’s long stay

And the stars shut their eyes even tighter

As the wind whips round the waves

Tossing them into violent forms

And, still the Sun is not avenged

The Night brews more wicked

Until the Earth erupts in defense

And the Sun rises from below

The hands of Aganju

The God of volcanoes, and rivers

And wild things.

The birds are grateful

They find their voice

They are there now

At my window.






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