Captured by the Night

A Dark Night abducts the light.
It usurps the security of my day.
It sucks the life out of my reverie.
It is a thirsty tic upon my skin.

The invasion lures the naïve observer
With a delicious dusting upon the sky.
Reminiscent of chocolate jimmies
cascading onto a mound of vanilla ice cream.

It is an enticing event – a romantic event!
We have baptized her in the name of nature.
Formally, we call her Dusk.
She is the interlude between day and night.

The stars shine through her – a soft wind blows.
She seduces us with her coy beauty.
Provocatively, she draws us into her darkness.
As her cool hand caresses our skin carelessly.

The seductress has no mercy on us.
She intoxicates us with her luscious entry.
She escorts us swiftly and without suspect
To the foreboding darkness of night.

My nocturnal eyes are sharply focused
On fears and demons ready for the feast.
Starved all day, they prepare for satiety.
And, in the dark, there is no hope.

Sleep provides the anesthetic to my fears
Until dawn encroaches upon the night.
And blinds my eyes to the monsters
That haunt me in the night.


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