Stillness and Beauty

Stillness and Beauty

The world burdens me.

My shoulders ache under its weight

I make futile attempts to remind them, – my shoulders

Of Atlas who bore the weight of the world.

My shoulders reject my urging.

I plead with the air to give rise to my fall.

It moves over me with indifference.

My attempts at reconstruction fail.

I fall helpless under my despair.

I fall into the silence I cannot bear.

Yet, in the stillness, I am released.

From the doing I know.

This silence invades my body.

Like oxygen, I breathe it in expecting defeat..

My exhale deflates,

My ego impaled like a punctured balloon.

In its absence there is no enemy.

no resistance.

In the silence, no fear.

In the silence, no undone tasks.

No flaws to mask.

I die in its freedom.

I find power in its lack.

Freedom in its consumption.

A constant before time.

The prelude to all movement and sounds.

Its power enfolds me in the moment of Now.

Where I pause to know my nature.

In the absence of myself.


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